Physical, Academic & Support Facilities

The institution maintains and utilizes physical, academic and support facilities like laboratory, library, sports complex, computer centre, classrooms and seminar room i.e. digital classrooms for effective teaching and learning. It follows the policy of constructing classrooms enriching the library and expanding IT facilities with UGC assistance, state government grants and with internal resources. In the classrooms classes and examinations are held and in the digital classrooms seminars, workshops etc are conducted.

The institution maintains a play ground well protected with boundary walls. A volleyball complex with gallery for 500 spectators with four rooms and one office room for physical instructor is available. The play ground and volleyball complex are maintained with internal resources of the college and sports competitions are held in the play ground. The play grounds including the volleyball complex are provided to different local organizations for holding sports events.

The laboratory of the Department of Education is utilized for holding practical classes of students offering major course of studies.

The central library is highly enriched with text and reference books including encyclopedia. It has 100seating capacity for students and teachers to study and to take notes. Every year latest edition of text and reference books are added to the Library. The books during 2015-16 academic years were procured with internal funds of the college.

The computer center is maintained by the institution with its own internal resources. In this center practical classes of students offering Information Technology and Information Technology and its Application in Business are held. The classrooms are constructed with assistance from UGC and internal resources of the institution. However maintenance expenses are incurred by the institution from its own resources.

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